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Leading Laser Eye Surgeon – Dr. Jon Dishler


As seen in Forbes Magazine, Dr. Jon Dishler has been selected by Goldline Research as one of the leading Laser Eye Surgeons of the United States for 2009.

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TOM MARTINO: You know, I know we’ve been busy not able to take a lot of calls, but we are checking with the purple people meter from time to time if you buy things door to door. We’re talking home security. We’ll try to squeeze a call in maybe later, but we have so much good information. You know, this is a statistic I’ve find amazing. 97 percent satisfaction rating. But I’m also a little troubled because I can’t believe it’s 97 percent and not 100. Dr. John Dishler, I’d never talked to anyone who’s ever been to your office ever or had surgery done that didn’t love it. So I need to ask you something. 97 percent, so the 3 percent, what would it be that it’s not perfect or what because you’ve brought people in here who could not see their hand, that are now reading tiny print. What is that about? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Well, you know, I don’t think they’re really super dissatisfied. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: They just--it didn’t--it’s hard to get any group of people 100 percent-- TOM MARTINO: Oh, of course. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --to agree on anything. TOM MARTINO: But 97 percent’s amazing to me DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah. We think that’s really, really great. I mean, when you look at it compared to people satisfaction with anything else or other medical procedures-- TOM MARTINO: Right, but I don’t want people thinking it’s 97 percent successful because you haven’t had a failure really. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. TOM MARTINO: What you’ve had are maybe people who were really bad and you brought them back a certain way. Some--most people-- DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. TOM MARTINO: --don’t you bring back more than 20/20? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. For instance, there’s some people that say well, I was over all pretty happy. I could far away, but I couldn’t read quite as well as I wanted to. TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: So they just, you know, aren’t clicking their heels happy. TOM MARTINO: But 97 percent of the people say I can-- DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. TOM MARTINO: I can better than better. Better than normal. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. TOM MARTINO: Normal 20/20, right? And almost everybody you’ve brought in here was better than that. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right, but when we ask people would you refer someone else, it’s virtually 100 percent say yes. If someone wanted a LASIK, would you use us-- TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --as a referral. So-- TOM MARTINO: 50,000 procedures you’ve done? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah, yeah. TOM MARTINO: So that’s incredible. And then, that’s why you get listed in places like Forbes. And that rating service, we should talk about it. That’s an independent rating service. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. They pick the top 10 of different things. And in this issue, they picked the top 10 LASIK surgeons in the country. TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JOHN DISHLER: And we were amongst those. And they do their own independent research and analysis. So and that’s why we have patients coming--I mean, last week, we had patients coming from out of state up here. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Tons of people that come from all over. Lots of doctors--I just did LASIK on a heart specialist last week-- TOM MARTINO: Yes. Wow. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --who said that, you know, we had done several other people in his group. So we kind of think of ourselves as-- TOM MARTINO: You’ve done pilots. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --pilots, you know, all kinds of groups. And farmers and truck driver and you know-- TOM MARTINO: Athletes. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Everybody--every walk of life, yeah. TOM MARTINO: And people that really need their eyes. And so, let’s talk about evaluating the procedure. First of all, the technology is proven. The technology itself? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yes, it’s proven. It’s mature. TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JOHN DISHLER: It’s there. TOM MARTINO: Accurate? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah. It’s the way it should be. So the critical part now is picking the people that will be good candidates-- TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --to have this done. And this is the most important thing I’d like to get across. TOM MARTINO: Okay. DR. JOHN DISHLER: We see people that were told they were bad candidates for LASIK. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: And yet, we say you know, you’re really a good candidate. On the other hand, we’ve seen people that say well, I went somewhere else. They’re ready to do surgery on me next week. TOM MARTINO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: And we have to say, well, you’re really not a great candidate. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: So picking the right candidates, having--doing the right diagnostic testing, having the right team of people. TOM MARTINO: And you do an extensive evaluation? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. TOM MARTINO: Free of charge? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Free of charge, yeah, yeah. TOM MARTINO: Whether they get it done or not. And hopefully, you want to make patients and guests, people that will come back or refer. But you don’t ask them that up front. Are you going to have it done? You just do a full evaluation. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. TOM MARTINO: Now what does that involve? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Well, that involves talking to people, the most important thing. TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Finding out what their needs are, finding out what they’re wearing. And then using the latest diagnostic equipment to test their eyes, check their eyes, make sure they don’t have medical problems, eye problems. TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: If they do clear it with, you know, their doctor first. TOM MARTINO: Right, so you want to know if they’re a candidate or not a candidate. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right, so it’s a medical thing. You know, it’s not a--people should pick their doctor. I mean, the big message is-- TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --pick your doctor. TOM MARTINO: Pick your doctor because the technology’s there, but what good is that without a good doctor? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. TOM MARTINO: Let’s talk about that. What--let’s talk about some of the factors. I think we have a graphic here, because this is very, very important. Licensing is so obvious, isn’t it? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. Now you don’t have to--right, everyone has to be licensed-- TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --to practice medicine. You don’t have to be board certified to practice a specialty. Most people are. Not everyone is. TOM MARTINO: But I would want a board certification. DR. JOHN DISHLER: You want a board certified doctor. A lot of surgeons, now this a smaller group, are members of a very prestigious organization, the American College of Surgeons. And-- TOM MARTINO: Very important. DR. JOHN DISHLER: And it’s very important. And it’s heart surgeons and all kinds of surgeons. And we’re--I’m a member. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: I’m a fellow of that. TOM MARTINO: And then referrals? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Referrals are very important. Right? TOM MARTINO: That’s easy, yes. DR. JOHN DISHLER: You know, you want to have at least talk to somebody who’s had LASIK or knows someone that’s had LASIK, and where did they go, and what was their experience like? You know-- TOM MARTINO: And then, the staff. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --and the staff, how did they-- TOM MARTINO: We have a lot of great comments. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah, how did they treat you? Are you treated with dignity? Do you get your questions answered? Are they available? You know, those kinds of things. And yeah, and then look for other resources, other organizations-- TOM MARTINO: Like this “Forbes” Magazine. DR. JOHN DISHLER: “Forbes” or-- TOM MARTINO: Other independent referrals or endorsements. I want to mention something that you didn’t have on there. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Sure. TOM MARTINO: But it goes along with I think the staff and you. Your own surgical center, that is so important. I don’t think people realize that you actually have a day surgical center. I mean, other doctors theoretically could use it for surgery. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Absolutely and have, yeah. TOM MARTINO: Because it’s state certified? DR. JOHN DISHLER: State certified surgical center. What does that mean? It means we control the temperature of the air. We have backup power supplies. We have--we meet all the guidelines of a hospital for safety of the patients. And someone-- TOM MARTINO: Yeah, and people come right there, have it done. They don’t have to go anywhere else to meet you. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. All or staff is certified in advanced life support. If somebody were, God forbid, to have some kind of an emergency-- TOM MARTINO: Yes, sure. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --we’re prepared to take care of it, unlike a lot of LASIK centers that are just set up in a shopping center and, you know, best of luck. TOM MARTINO: Now most of the time you can achieve the correction better than normal, and you can do it with this Opta (phonetic) LASIK now, which is even quicker. Explain what that is? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Well, Opta LASIK is a technology that is proven. It is FDA approved. And it allows you to correct virtually any type of correction, near-sighted, far-sighted in a way that keeps the natural shape of the eye so there’s no night time problems, side effects, and things like that, that were associated with the earlier lasers, that are still being used by some laser centers. TOM MARTINO: Of course. DR. JOHN DISHLER: And it can do the treatment very, very fast and very, very accurately. TOM MARTINO: And the faster, the more accurate, right because-- DR. JOHN DISHLER: The faster, the better. TOM MARTINO: Because it--you have less margin for error? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. TOM MARTINO: And then, bladeless surgery, again, this is something you’ll hear, this is true bladeless surgery. DR. JOHN DISHLER: An option in many places, but at our center, it’s standard. Everybody gets bladeless surgery. So it’s not a question of do you want to pay an upgrade fee to have bladeless surgery? TOM MARTINO: Yeah in fact, you don’t have upgrade fees, do you? DR. JOHN DISHLER: No. No, we don’t. In fact, now that it’s the summer time-- TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --we’re--and this is the best time to have LASIK. People don’t realize it, that you’re back at work quickly. You can do all the outdoor activities in a week or two. And because it’s the summer, that’s the one time we have sort of a sale. And we offer people an additional 10 percent off over our already guaranteed lowest price for the technology. So people aren’t paying any extra. And they can even save a little money by doing it over the summer time. TOM MARTINO: Okay. Now when he talks about 10 percent off, the guaranteed lowest price, when he says guaranteed lowest price, I’ve looked into that. And it really is for the same correction, the same technology. That’s so important. Anyone can use an older laser or older technology, where if some of the royalties have expired. In other words, that they pay the manufacturer or the inventor or the developers. This latest technology, bladeless surgery, same correction, you can’t do it. Any better, you can’t do it any less expensive than Dr. John Dishler. So that’s the guaranteed lowest price. And in addition to that, 10 percent off. Now more information here from this magazine. This is very important. You are giving these out. Can people call for one of these? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yes. TOM MARTINO: Or come by and get one? DR. JOHN DISHLER: They don’t have to come by. They can come by if they want to, but they can just call or just contact us on our website and we’ll send them a complimentary copy of “Seen” Magazine. TOM MARTINO: And this is independent? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Independent magazine. And it’s really great, because it says what things to look for in a LASIK center. We don’t publish this. It doesn’t have anything about us. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: But it’s the inside scoop on what you need to know, especially for younger patients, the things that they’re concerned about. TOM MARTINO: And you’ve done plenty of younger patients, in fact-- DR. JOHN DISHLER: Absolutely. TOM MARTINO: --what, do you have patients from what age to what age? DR. JOHN DISHLER: The youngest are 18. And the oldest about 70. So we’ve seen people, you know, throughout the range of ages. A lot of people in the summertime students-- TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --very popular. TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JOHN DISHLER: They have school off in the summer. TOM MARTINO: And by the way, 24 months, 0 financing. Call for details on that. Okay? And if you are--if you come in for a consultation, and you’re a candidate, even if you decide not to have it done there, of course, you probably will, you’re going to get a free iPod, okay? So it’s the last week, is it, to get an iPod? DR. JOHN DISHLER: That’s right. Call this week. TOM MARTINO: This is the last week for that offer. DR. JOHN DISHLER: If they schedule this week-- TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: --right, and we want serious candidates that really are interested in LASIK. TOM MARTINO: Right, of course. DR. JOHN DISHLER: But come visit us. Put us on your short list. We’d love to give you an iPod just for your time. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: And yeah. TOM MARTINO: Here’s-- DR. JOHN DISHLER: And call now. TOM MARTINO: Here’s the number. (303) 793-3000. (303) 793-3000. Dishler--