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Video Contest Winners – Life after LASIK Surgery


Meet the two winners from our LASIK video contest: Matt Vogel and Levi Ramos, see how their surgery went, and listen to what they have to say about their LASIK result.

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DR. PAUL GLAT: You know one thing I love about the sponsors here. I can tell you when someone is the way they are I can be proud of it. Doctor John Dishler is a pioneer in this field with now the latest technology. He has been doing it the longest and has probably done more procedures than anyone. Dr. John Dishler is really the most renowned Lasik surgeon, one of the most renowned in the country. Written up in many magazines and articles and I really love what he did with this marketing campaign. He had a contest for video and if you had a creative video, you could win Lasik surgery. He wanted a funny one and a serious one and we have the two winners with us today along with Dr. John Dishler. You know as I said I love interviewing people who are the best in their fields and you guys I know probably didn’t have a clue about Lasik, right? Who to go to what to do. How thick were your glasses? MR. LEVI RAMOS: Pretty thick. DR. GLAT: You said like how bad were your eyes? MR. RAMOS: Very bad. Uh, what was it John? DR. JOHN DISHLER: He was bad enough where he just couldn’t see anything across the room. In fact, um, Levi was here just a week ago and he had his thick glasses with him. MR. RAMOS: That’s right, that’s right. DR. GLAT: So we had him before the surgery. DR. DISHLER: You were here before the surgery and you could not literally see right here. MR. RAMOS: Yeah, definitely. I couldn’t make eye contact with people and tell if they were looking at me or looking at a different direction and now it’s awesome. MALE VOICE: Matt? MR. MATT VOGEL: I feel the same way. I couldn’t see anything. - - can confirm, I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t recognize your face from— DR. DISHLER: [interposing] And Matt was even worse than Levi’s. DR. GLAT: Really? DR. DISHLER: Yes. DR. GLAT: So you had thicker glasses? MR. VOGEL: Yes. DR. GLAT: Okay, so you heard about this contest. You submitted some videos. Now we’re not going to look at the videos you submitted. We’ve done that throughout this contest. But we are going to show—was this them in your office? DR. DISHLER: Right, right. DR. GLAT: Dr. Dishler I want to show them in the office. Is it comfortable. Were you comfortable? MR. VOGEL: Yes. Very comfortable. DR. GLAT: More comfortable than you thought you would be. MR. VOGEL: Oh yeah. I thought I would be nervous and it was awesome. DR. GLAT: These guys are great aren’t they? MR. VOGEL: Yep. It’s a great staff. Really friendly. DR. GLAT: What do you think about atmosphere? MR. VOGEL: It’s a friendly environment. Comfortable. I wasn’t even nervous at all. DR. GLAT: And they have their own surgical center. Here they are going through pre-op, right. MR. VOGEL: Right. DR. DISHLER: Right. Here is the diagnostic testing you know the most important part of doing all of this is having the latest technology for testing the eyes. It’s gone way beyond which is better one or two. We scan the eyes. We measure them in a lot of different ways. DR. GLAT: Very extensive, right guys. [crosstalk] Yes. Very, very. DR. DISHLER: And so we get really good information. It helps us to pick out who really are good candidates. One of the things of them winning the contest here was they had to be good candidates for the procedure otherwise. And we have a patient counselor you can see speaking; there’s Levi with his thick glasses on getting ready to back into surgery. DR. GLAT: Who’s that guy. That’s you. With your funny hat. Now you’re going into surgery here and I should mention he does everything himself. He does it all the way through. You guys you’re not sent to a surgical center. You’re not sent—you do it right there Dr. Dishler. DR. DISHLER: We do it all right there. Right. One stop— DR. GLAT: [interposing] How many procedures so far? DR. DISHLER: We’ve done over 50,000 total procedures with Lasik. DR. GLAT: Now you have plenty of very, very skilled assistants but you are there for everything. DR. DISHLER: Right. And here’s the actual procedure being done. There’s the flap being lifted. You can see we have a perfect flap on the eye. DR. GLAT: You do. You guys said whoa, whoa. That’s the first time you saw it, right. You’re thinking oh now maybe I but. DR. DISHLER: That’s the laser going there. You can see how fast it goes. It’s only less than 30 seconds to do even high corrections. DR. GLAT: So really guys. I mean was there any discomfort at all under there. MR. RAMOS: No. None at all. It was all in my mind. DR. GLAT: Yeah, all in your mind. MR. RAMOS: All in my mind. I left and I kind of felt— DR. GLAT: [interposing] And you didn’t even have to hold your eyes perfectly still, right. You just stared at the light. MR. VOGEL: You had to stare at the light, it was simple to do. DR. DISHLER: But here’s the most important question I want you to ask them and I don’t know what they’re going to say but you know people watching this are going go well that’s great they got it for free. You know of course they are happy. But I want you to ask them about what—is it worth it them now. DR. GLAT: Seriously. Knowing the results and knowing what it does for you. Would you have paid full price for this? MR. RAMOS: Definitely. I don’t see myself living without it. I can’t even imagine. DR. GLAT: Think about how it changed your life. And by the way when it comes to this total correction, the surgical suite, the technology and everything you can’t find a better price anyway when it comes to pricing. You guys probably don’t know that. I don’t know how much shopping you’ve done. In fact, I think maybe—were you the one that was told you maybe you couldn’t have it done. MR. VOGEL: Yeah. DR. GLAT: Yeah. And then Dr. Dishler says no, you can have it done. And remember guys these kinds of doctors and Dr. Dishler’s the only doctor you ever want to hear say go toward the light. Look at the light. [laughter]. DR. DISHLER: Okay. No glass eyes. DR. GLAT: Now let’s talk about. Let’s talk about what happened afterwards. Can we go to that. Okay, let’s roll that. This is kind of cool. MALE VOICE: - -‘s done and I’m looking around the room. I mean there’s so many more things are defined that I wouldn’t normally be able to recognize. And, and it’s true. Exactly what they said. It’s exactly how it happened. The numbers on the wall are just are coming out to me crisp and clear. I mean it’s—it is truly a miracle. MR. VOGEL: I couldn’t be happier. I’m blown away that I actually can see right now perfect. Without any glasses, contacts, anything. I couldn’t read a book. If I had a book out here I couldn’t read it at all. I couldn’t even see that clock over there. That clock there. I couldn’t even see you sitting right there. I couldn’t recognize your face. Now I can see your face as clear as if my glasses on... even like an hour ago. DR. GLAT: And by the way that wasn’t his surgical hat. That was your real hat you wear everyday. Okay, listen. Tell them how long after surgery. DR. DISHLER: That was just moments after they were done. The procedure is done. I take a quick look at them afterwards and they’re sitting afterwards in this reclining chair literally within five minutes of Lasik— DR. GLAT: [interposing] Did you know it was going to be that quick. Of course it gets better as days go on, right. MR. VOGEL: Yeah. I didn’t expect it to be that quick. As I said in the video there I was amazed. DR. GLAT: Do you find yourself reaching for glasses in the morning? MR. VOGEL: Yeah, I did it this morning. MR. RAMOS: Yup, pushing up on my nose thinking there’s glasses. MR. GLAT: Isn’t it amazing. It’s amazing. And you guys can have the same results. You can. Listen to some of these offers, okay. The lowest guaranteed price for custom all laser Lasik. No blades involved. Nothing. Everything done by the laser and Dr. John Dishler there guiding it. 24 months, 0% financing with approved credit. There are some restrictions. You gotta call for details. And if you go for a free consultation and you’re a candidate because they don’t want just people calling in who know darn well they don’t really need it. But if you’re a candidate you get a free I-pod. Now you don’t have to have the surgery. But you get a free I-pod just for the exam. And by the way the examination which is very thorough, these guys will tell you, very thorough. That is complimentary, right. DR. DISHLER: Right. Complimentary. No charge at all. DR. GLAT: Whether they go through with it or not. Dishler Lasik (303) 793-3000. (303) 793-3000 or Dishler.com Dishler.com. And you can find archives of these segments if you want to show somebody. Show your husband or wife and say hey, look at this. You can always go to Martino.tv