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Common LASIK Questions


Dr. Jon Dishler answers a few most common LASIK questions that most people have.

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MR. TOM MARTINO: Let's talk now about another important topic, if you've considered LASIK. You know what? I get the same questions all the time. And people say, Tom, what about Jon Dishler, is he really great? And I say, yeah, yeah. We send family and friends there. Okay, but what about this and what about that? So we're going to answer some of the most basic questions that may have you scared. And you know what else we're going to do? We're going to take a camera into his surgical suite and talk to them right when they come out, just like that, before they've had a chance to formulate anything. Right? DR. JON DISHLER: Right, right. We've got this little flip camera and we're just taking people that had surgery the day before coming in for their post-op to show what it looks like to talk to a patient that just had this done a day before. So, Paula? PAULA: I would think it just really helps calm your nerves, because that's just a very intimidating thing to think about someone right there with your eyes. I mean, it's your eyes you're talking about. DR. JON DISHLER: Absolutely. And the mix, when people come in to find out about LASIK. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JON DISHLER: And they can run into other patients spontaneously that have just had it done a day before, a week before. And you know, they chit chat with each other in the waiting room and it really helps to relax people and help them to understand what they might be getting into. PAULA: Yeah. We wanted to line up some of the—I guess the biggest issues people face, some of their biggest fears. DR. JON DISHLER: Sure. MR. TOM MARTINO: So let's go through these, okay? PAULA: Okay, let's do. MR. TOM MARTINO: All right. I'll take the first one. PAULA: All right. MR. TOM MARTINO: And this we hear all the time. How can I keep my eye open? DR. JON DISHLER: Well, we help. You know, we have—we numb up the eye with drops. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JON DISHLER: We give everybody a pill, which is a mild sedative that makes them feel comfortable. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yeah, so you're relaxed and you're numb in your eye. DR. JON DISHLER: You're numb. There's music playing. MR. TOM MARTINO: Okay. DR. JON DISHLER: And people feel absolutely nothing while we're doing this. I mean, they can feel there's a little tiny clip that holds the eye open. But you know, with the new procedure, we don't have to crank the eye really wide open, just open as much as it is normally. PAULA: But what about the people who say— DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] Just normally open. PAULA: Yeah. They say, okay, I'm numb and I'm a little bit sedated. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. PAULA: But what if I accidentally move? What if I— DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] That's the next question. PAULA: Am I going to sneeze? Oh, no, I'm going to cough. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. What if I move? Eye trackers. The modern technology, once we line everything up we tell the patient look at the blinking green line. MR. TOM MARTINO: Eye tracker. DR. JON DISHLER: Eye tracker, which locks on like radar onto the eye and at that point, then if the eye moves or the patient moves, it just follows their eye movement and it does the treatment. It doesn't matter. If they move too much, the laser automatically stops. MR. TOM MARTINO: Stops and then resets, right? DR. JON DISHLER: And restarts where it left off? PAULA: Is that right? MR. TOM MARTINO: See, that's great. DR. JON DISHLER: And— MR. TOM MARTINO: [interposing] It stops and resets. DR. JON DISHLER: And the whole thing takes under 30 seconds, so it's really, really fast. So from the time we start till the time we're done with the laser, the patient almost always says, are you done already? PAULA: Yeah, they're usually saying, wow. MR. TOM MARTINO: And the tracking is relatively new. I mean, you—that's why the advanced technology— DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] Some of the early lasers—yeah, there are lasers—people can have this done for 299 and that. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JON DISHLER: But no eye tracker. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JON DISHLER: You know, some of the things that people really need, really want, they don't get. PAULA: Just like you're talking about when you're talking about the latest technology, not just the tracker, but the lasers themselves, right? DR. JON DISHLER: The lasers themselves, the whole package, yeah. MR. TOM MARTINO: So what's our next question here, Paula, four? PAULA: All right. So people want to know what their experience is going to be, like the discomfort, the whole experience altogether. DR. JON DISHLER: And we've got some videos. I think that's going to be the best explanation. PAULA: Yeah. DR. JON DISHLER: Because people ask, what was it like? And this is fresh within 24 hours of when they had it done. MR. TOM MARTINO: Okay. Why don't we take a break of these questions and go—and hear some experiences here, okay? So you've taken your flip cam. This is all unedited. Let's take a look at it. (Video) PAULA: What's your name? MS. LAURI MACINTOSH: My name is Laurie McIntosh. PAULA: And where are you from, Laurie? MS. LAURI MACINTOSH: I'm from Riverton, Wyoming. It's about a six hour drive from Denver. PAULA: And how was your night after the LASIK procedure? MS. LAURI MACINTOSH: Actually, my evening was really, really nice. I went back to the hotel and rested for about an hour or two, and then my husband and I took our kids to Dave and Buster's and went out to eat and played and we had a great time. PAULA: When could you kind of see the difference? MS. LAURI MACINTOSH: I could tell almost immediately. So— PAULA: [interposing] Already. MS. LAURI MACINTOSH: That evening when we were at Dave and Buster's playing, I could see across the—across the room and be able to see fairly clearly for the most part. There was just a little bit of a haze, which they had said to be expected. But everything was really clear. I was very surprised. I'm really pleased. PAULA: Did it hurt? MS. LAURI MACINTOSH: No. Actually, it didn't. It was maybe slightly uncomfortable, but very, very slightly. There—I really couldn't tell anything was going on almost at all. It was just—they were just kind of messing with my eyes and that was it. PAULA: How are you seeing this morning? MS. LAURI MACINTOSH: Today, I see perfect. Better than perfect. It used to be like it was when I was a kid and I'm very, very happy. PAULA: How was the LASIK process itself? MS. MARILYN BRYANT: I really didn't know what to expect, so I was a little nervous or a lot nervous. But the process was really, really neat. You just laid down and it was more like getting an eye exam, you know, where they tell you to watch the dot or watch this. And they did two different procedures, but there was never pain or anything like that. After surgery, I could not drive leaving after surgery yesterday, but today, the day after, I was able to drive here. Everything's crisp and clear and great. I'm one line away from 20/20 today. So they said once the swelling goes down, within a week I should be 20/20 at least. Thumbs up. PAULA: All right. Thanks. PAULA: Thumbs up. I like that. MR. TOM MARTINO: So the question, can I see right away? Right away? DR. JON DISHLER: Right away, and every single patient as soon as we're done the procedure, they—we take them into a room, we let them relax a little bit and then I examine them at a slip lamp, you know, to make sure their eye and their flap is okay. And there's a clock across the room and I ask every person, can you see the clock, can you tell the time? And almost everybody says, wow, I can see. I can see. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JON DISHLER: It's a little tiny bit hazy. But it's amazing how quickly the vision recovers. They typically feel very comfortable. We give them a lounge chair to lay in for a little while and relax. MR. TOM MARTINO: But they won't drive themselves home that day. DR. JON DISHLER: No, because we've given them—partly because we've given them sedatives. But you know, we tell them go home, take a nap, and usually when they wake up a few hours later their vision is just about perfect. MR. TOM MARTINO: And the next day they can drive there? DR. JON DISHLER: The next day they can drive in. MR. TOM MARTINO: That's cool. DR. JON DISHLER: They drive themselves in, yes. MR. TOM MARTINO: Now, what I want to tell you, Dr. Dishler has been doing this for so long and he was in in the very beginning. And it's important that you know— PAULA: [inaudible] He was the first one. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yes. It's really important that you know that price is one aspect of this. Now, but he's not apologizing for price because if you look at the technology and the correction, I mean, the amount of correction people need, then you will not find a better price. It's the best price guarantee. Not the best advertised price. People can advertise anything. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. MR. TOM MARTINO: But the best actual price once you get into the office and hear what you need. That will be the best price. Guaranteed custom, bladeless, LASIK for both eyes, convenient 24-month financing, payment plans are available. All right? And if you want to reach Dr. Dishler's office, it's pretty easy. All you have to do is go to dishler.com. That's pretty easy to remember. Dishler.com. Or you can call. And by the way, you get free binoculars with a free consultant. There is no risk and I urge you, even if you're shopping around, give him a shot and that will be the one you use. I— PAULA: [interposing] The binoculars seem so appropriate, don't they, because people— DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] People love that. PAULA: --I just want to see everything then. DR. JON DISHLER: I said, I can—couldn't hold those binoculars up and see. Oh, and I want to mention, next time I'm on the show, we are going to announce the winners of our contest. MR. TOM MARTINO: Oh, the video contest. That's cool. PAULA: Absolutely. DR. JON DISHLER: The video contest and we'll have some samples of those videos to show everybody. MR. TOM MARTINO: And we were just showing you the number there, (303) 793-3000. 793-3000 or dishler—it's dish with an "ler." Dishler.com. And the—that's cool. We're going to announce the winners of the video contest. PAULA: You had one serious and one funny. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. And one—and a winner and follow— PAULA: [interposing] Like a runner-up? DR. JON DISHLER: Runner-up in each category. MR. TOM MARTINO: And people just for entering got $500 off. DR. JON DISHLER: That's right. MR. TOM MARTINO: And the winners will get free LASIK. That's pretty cool. PAULA: Looking forward to hearing who won, and then we definitely want to check in with them after they get it done. MR. TOM MARTINO: Okay.