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Dishler Laser's LASIK Video Contest in Denver, CO


Colorado LASIK surgeon Dr. Jon Dishler shares with Martino TV's viewers the reason behind his LASIK video contest.

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TOM MARTINO: All right, I want to get right into this. I’m with Dr. John Dishler. Now, he’s a nationally renowned surgeon for LASIK surgery, we’ve talked to him. You know, he’s an expert. He really knows what he’s talking about and he was in on the ground floor of LASIK. They even have a LASIK machine named after him. Dr. Dishler put up this great contest. What was your idea? DR. JOHN DISHLER: My idea was to bring some fun and some exposure to LASIK and have people tell us why they want LASIK because we like to learn why they’d like LASIK. So we said for the two top people that can give us a really good reason why they want LASIK - a serious one and a funny one - we’ll give it to them for free. TOM MARTINO: So, you—there’s a video contest. Now, it hasn’t been chosen yet, right? DR. DISHLER: Not yet. TOM MARTINO: Thirty-six hours left. DR. DISHLER: That’s right, until the end of the month, yeah. TOM MARTINO: We’re going to put it to the end of the month. So the end of this month here’s what you do: you enter a video - and we’re going to show you some examples - you enter a video, one funny or one serious, and why you want LASIK. And each one, a funny one and a serious one, will win. Now, the rules are at Dishler.com and you can submit your video through YouTube and they’ll teach you how to do that. Just read about it on the site. It’s not difficult. Okay, let’s a take a look at some examples. By the way, anyone who enters gets $500 off. Okay, let’s take a look, Dr. Dishler, at— DR. DISHLER: [Interposing] Sure. These are sort of fun, yeah? [MUSIC] VIDEO: One step at a time. Don’t be living on the line. I don’t need a friend. I got - - on my mind. Sunshine on my brain making everyone complain - - . Don’t be being so strange. It - - . Baby where you been? Everybody says that you’re moving again. I don’t want to - - baby, every single night and I can tell you again - - taking your time. It’s making me nervous, yeah. One step at a time, don’t be living on the line. I don’t need a friend, I got - - on my mind. Sunshine on my brain, making everyone complain - - . Don’t be being so strange. It can - - . Baby, where you been? Everybody says that you’re moving again. I don’t want to do - - baby, every single night. TOM MARTINO:: All right, he’s playing to the ego there, Dr. Dishler. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah. TOM MARTINO: Let’s see, we have another one, right? DR. JOHN DISHLER: We have one more to show you. Yeah, you know, and the thing I got from watching these is do it for yourself. TOM MARTINO: Yeah, have fun. DR. JOHN DISHLER: I mean, LASIK is—you know, people get all technical. Yeah, we got the best Lasers— TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: We got the equipment. You know, it’s really something that people do for themselves and to make their lives, day in and day out, a better experience. TOM MARTINO: And do it right the first time please. Let’s take a look at another one. These are fun, by the way. [MUSIC] VIDEO: Oh, - - , why do you always hate my glasses. Aw, aw, these contacts are blurry. They’re hurting me. - - ate my glasses again. FEMALE VOICE ON VIDEO: Dad, it’s 2010. Why don’t you look into laser surgery? MALE VOICE ON VIDEO: I - - surgery. I don’t think I need it. FEMALE VOICE ON VIDEO: Dad, that’s bleach! Maybe you should before you poison yourself. TOM MARTINO: We shortened that one up, by the way. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah. TOM MARTINO: That was about five minutes. We’d like to keep them five minutes or less, by the way. And send in more and we’ll show them on TV. Thirty-six hours, are you—who’s going to pick? DR. JOHN DISHLER: My office staff is. They’re looking at all of them and I’m out of it. I’m not making the decision. They’re going to all consensus pick who they think should be the winner. So— TOM MARTINO: Now, we have—and we have some offers to tell you right after the break. We want to come back with Dr. Dishler. If you have any calls, 303 Martino is the number, 627-8466, so stay tuned. [PAUSE] TOM MARTINO: Okay, we’re back with Dr. John Dishler now. We’re talking about LASIK surgery and we saw some of the entries for the video, and you can enter as well. Dr. Dishler, anyone who enters gets $500 off just for entering. DR. JOHN DISHLER: That’s right. Until the end of the month, anyone who even just makes an appointment and mentions that they saw the show gets $500 off. TOM MARTINO: And that’s 36 hours to go? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Thirty-six hours to go. TOM MARTINO: Okay, and we’ll put up that information and the number. But Dr. Dishler, on a serious note— DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yes. TOM MARTINO: We have a contest, we’re having a great time, but you do have advanced technology and for the—and blade free and it’s all at the lowest price you can get for the comparable technology and experience. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Absolutely. We have the most experience. I was the first one doing LASIK, I have to say. We’ve got very good technology - the best. We’ve got a terrific staff, a great facility and people should just come in. TOM MARTINO: It’s complimentary. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Complimentary, meet us, meet me personally. I am there. I will meet with people. You know, it—this is a custom—this is different from buying a refrigerator. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Because everyone is different. Everyone’s got different eyes, different needs and you need to have your procedure, whatever it is, be it eye or any other procedure, tailored to your needs - and make sure you’re a candidate. Not everyone is a good candidate, but we’ll help determine that. We have technology to measure eyes - much more advanced than the old “which is better, one or two?” TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: And we sit down with each patient, go over everything with them and it—when it comes to price, you mentioned price, we try to take that out of the equation by saying, “Look, you’re not going to find this at a lower price.” TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JOHN DISHLER: We’re not—this isn’t about price. This is about our patients and making them happy. TOM MARTINO: And also they have financing available - 24 months with no interest. Here’s how you contact Dishler. By the way, Dishler.com for anything that you want to find out about the contest or about the office, and to get a coupon, that $500 off, you just call (303) 793-3000, log on to Dishler.com. Affordable LASIK is the code and it’s until the end of this month, 36 hours left, that’s 793-3000. You can call and mention Martino or log on Dishler.com, (303) 793‑3000 and, of course, you can always see these segments on Martino.tv. Tell a friend about the contest and about the discount, (303) 793-3000.