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LASIK FAQs – Answered by Trusted LASIK Surgeon Dr. Dishler


Dr. Jon Dishler, the first surgeon to perform LASIK in Colorado, answers some of the most common questions regarding LASIK concerns on Martino TV.

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MR. TOM MARTINO: One of the country's most renowned LASIK surgeons was our guest here and he hosted our Help Center for viewers. You know what? There were so many questions. So we're going to go over Frequently Asked Questions. You see that on a website all the time, FAQs. Dr. Jon Dishler is here. And then, we're going to talk about a bunch of stuff coming up, like his contest and another website you can go to for questions and answers from the medical community. All right. MR. JON DISHLER: Hi, Tom. MR. TOM MARTINO: How are you doing? MR. JON DISHLER: Good to see you. MR. TOM MARTINO: You like standing? I like standing. DR. JON DISHLER: Oh, it's great. MR. TOM MARTINO: Cool. Yeah, okay. Now, let's talk about LASIK. The very first thing—I just had a friend to—just the other day. And guess what he asked, but I have an astigmatism and I was told, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. MR. TOM MARTINO: Let's just get right to that one. That's the most common thing I hear. DR. JON DISHLER: The most common--you know, in the beginning, LASIK only corrected nearsightedness and a lot of people don't realize that LASIK can now correct astigmatism, even very severe astigmatisms. MR. TOM MARTINO: And explain what that is, astigmatism. DR. JON DISHLER: And astigmatism, again, with my little eye model here. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JON DISHLER: The eye should be round like a baseball. If it gets sort of like a football, everyone watched the Super Bowl. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JON DISHLER: The super—the eye is bent more in one direction than the other. MR. TOM MARTINO: Or it can be bent in several directions, right? DR. JON DISHLER: In several directions, or it can be bent this way or that way. But basically with LASIK, we can smooth the eye down back to the shape that it's supposed to be. This is how hard contact lenses also work. The hard contact lens has the right shape and tears fill in between the contact and the eye. We can permanently do that, reshape the eye. WE can now correct astigmatism, nearsighted or farsightedness. MR. TOM MARTINO: Or farsighted. That was the next question. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. MR. TOM MARTINO: I know you help people read, you know. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. MR. TOM MARTINO: So tell me about farsighted and nearsighted. Okay. DR. JON DISHLER: Well, some of our happiest patients are the farsighted patients. They say, you know, I had great vision all my life, but now I can't see real good far away. I can see sort of good, but up close it's really blurry. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JON DISHLER: But now, we fix these people with modified monovision. They can see great far away. They can see intermediate. They can see close. This is sort of the untapped group of people that didn't realize that laser vision correction was something that would work for them. And it's something that's only been available for the last five years or so. We've been doing LASIK for 15 years. MR. TOM MARTINO: What was it mostly used for in the beginning? DR. JON DISHLER: In the beginning, LASIK— MR. TOM MARTINO: [interposing] To correct what? DR. JON DISHLER: --was mostly to correct nearsightedness. Very bad--people who had extreme nearsightedness were almost disabled. That's how we started with LASIK. MR. TOM MARTINO: They couldn't see far— DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] They couldn't see far away, but they could—you know. MR. TOM MARTINO: Oh, okay. DR. JON DISHLER: But now, we can correct virtually anything. So, you know, the important thing is that there's two parts that people find in making the choice about LASIK, as in most choices people make. First, they decide is this a good thing for them, will it work for them. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right. Are they a candidate, right? DR. JON DISHLER: And then, the second part—are they a candidate. The second part is, who do they go to, because there are choices. We're not here to talk about why people should come to us as opposed to somewhere else. That's for other people to recommend and decide. MR. TOM MARTINO: But they can get a free evaluation. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. MR. TOM MARTINO: And I think they need to because I—there's nothing wrong with shopping around. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. MR. TOM MARTINO: But certainly you should check out Dr. Jon Dishler, and I can say that because, you know, you're on all kinds of lists of the best everywhere you look. You're in a magazine that's picked out only ten in the country. And you're on the special website we'll talk about. Next question, is it a good investment? Everyone asks that because we hear about the costs involved. And let's face it, it's not dirt cheap. But for what you get it is. DR. JON DISHLER: Right, right. I mean, for people that are lucky enough not to need glasses or contacts, then they don't have this issue. But for people who wear glasses and contacts, over a lifetime--and this is what keeps a lot of the eye industry going—it can cost $40,000 for those things. So when you have LASIK you avoid a lot of those costs. And in just a couple of years most people recoup what it costs them to have it done, and in fact from there start saving money. So on our website there's a table which shows— MR. TOM MARTINO: [interposing] Yes. DR. JON DISHLER: --at different ages how much you can save, and I encourage people to look at that. MR. TOM MARTINO: They don't realize how much they spend on vision care. They don't realize it. DR. JON DISHLER: It's a lot when you add up the contacts and the solutions and glasses and frames and special coatings and bifocals and trifocals, it can cost someone a ton of money. MR. TOM MARTINO: And by the way, you have financing interest free for two years you can talk about, too. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. MR. TOM MARTINO: Now, the question that we just popped up. What is monovision? That's what I have. I love it. I didn't think I would. DR. JON DISHLER: Monovision is—you know, the brain puts the images from the two eyes together and monovision means making one eye more for distance, one eye more for near. One's not totally for near and one's not totally for distance. And when you look at things your brain is smart enough to put those together so you can look up close and read. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JON DISHLER: I sort of naturally have monovision myself. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JON DISHLER: And for far away, you kind of lock in more with the distance vision. And by modified monovision we mean do it in such a way that it doesn't really bother people. And you know, the best way to tell, and we do this for free, is for people who are interested, they come in and we can test it either in glasses. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JON DISHLER: Or we'll give them some free contact lenses just in the office to try and see if this works for them. A lot of people go, that's great, wow. And some people say, this isn't for me. But there is no way to know unless you try. MR. TOM MARTINO: Now, Dr. Dishler, if you like his answers, you can get his answers at realself.com. Realself.com. What is realself.com? DR. JON DISHLER: Realself.com is a independent website. We really have nothing to do with it other than we're a participant. We're now a platinum member, which means we've answered lots of questions. MR. TOM MARTINO: You're an expert there. DR. JON DISHLER: And they like our answers and a lot of people have come there. So a lot of people when they're investigating things, they like to go somewhere where they can see questions other people ask, because that's similar to their questions. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JON DISHLER: And there's a lot of different experts and it's got to do with not only vision, but plastic surgery and a lot of different medical things. MR. TOM MARTINO: Okay. Realself.com. DR. JON DISHLER: Realself.com. Yeah. MR. TOM MARTINO: And of course, you can always catch him on Dishler.com and of course, Martino.tv. Now we have several special offers we really need to go by. First of all, if you can get a You Tube account, go to Dishler.com to find out about this. You can make a video on "I Hate My Glasses" and why you want LASIK. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. MR. TOM MARTINO: You can do a serious one or a funny one. No matter what, just for entering, you will get-- DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] $500 off. MR. TOM MARTINO: Five hundred just for entering. And then, the winner will get free LASIK. DR. JON DISHLER: Right, right. MR. TOM MARTINO: And you're going to get two winners. DR. JON DISHLER: Right, two winners. MR. TOM MARTINO: One funny and one serious. DR. JON DISHLER: Right, right. And we've had a few entries, but not that many, so it's still a great opportunity for people to enter. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yeah. You can really—you can really probably win this. Go to You Tube and get an account. Then upload a video. They'll link it at Dishler.com. You'll get 500 off, even if you're not chosen. And if you are selected, you get free LASIK. And runners up get half price. Right? DR. JON DISHLER: Right, right. MR. TOM MARTINO: I mean, listen, almost everyone is going to be a winner here. So you've got to enter by February 28th. And you can find it on our website right there. Just click on that. Okay. And also, we have--of course, we have your regular great deal with interest free financing with approved credit for two years. DR. JON DISHLER: Right, right. Interest free financing. You know, they changed the regulations and exactly how you can say that. But we haven't changed our offer. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right, exactly. DR. JON DISHLER: Our offer is the same. Basically, if you have LASIK— MR. TOM MARTINO: [interposing] Right. It's not going to cost you any more. DR. JON DISHLER: And you pay for it in two years, it's not going to cost you a penny more. MR. TOM MARTINO: That's how we can say it. DR. JON DISHLER: Yeah, yeah. MR. TOM MARTINO: All right. Dishler Lasik is giving away a free pair of binoculars with your free consultant. So if you go there, you'll get free binoculars. Just ask for them. You'll get them. And the lowest guaranteed price, custom, bladeless, LASIK, and that means before care, during, and after, everything, 24 month financing. You will not find a better deal. And there are the free binoculars for just making a consultation. And it's free, no obligation. (303) 793-3000. (303) 793-3000 or Dishler.com. And of course, you can always find him on martino.tv.