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LASIK surgeon Dr. Jon Dishler and eye care specialist Dr. Mike Bell discuss about the LASIK professional referral program that mutually benefit both of their patients. Dr. Dishler is the Local LASIK expert for Martino TV KDVR Fox 31.

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MR. TOM MARTINO: Well, some people can't live without good eyesight. I know this. Did you know there are some people that stumble in the morning? Now, I can't even imagine this. They can't see anything until they put their glasses on. I can't even imagine that, but many of your right now listening say, yeah, yeah, I know that. You know, you can do something about it, okay? And I'll tell you what. We have someone here, Dr. Jon Dishler. No matter where you live in the state, you can see an eye doctor, okay, in your area, your favorite eye doctor, and still have the very best surgeon. It's a referral program. And what's cool is you get the best of both worlds. I sound like Miley Cyrus, but it's the best of both worlds, because we have a doc here from my neck of the woods and Parker, Michael Bell, near Parker [and Venus]. And Dr. Jon Dishler, our expert on LASIK. Explain this referral process. You. You explain how do you work with Dr. Dishler. DR. MICHAEL BELL: We see patients in our office. We're able to do the pre and post-operative evaluation, so basically we do the workup, determine their candidacy, and then if it's a good candidate as a patient then we would send them to Dr. Dishler, who would then perform the surgery. MR. TOM MARTINO: Now, there was a myth that eye doctors, optometrists, they don't want to refer because they lose a patient, they lose the eyeglasses, they lose that. How do you look at that? DR. MICHAEL BELL: I look at it—I want to do what's best for a patient. MR. TOM MARTINO: And it's just the viable alternative. DR. MICHAEL BELL: Absolutely. I mean, I've had the surgery myself, so I know how life changing that it can be. So you know, a patient can just—it's remarkable. It can change their life. I do what's best for the patient. If that includes LASIK surgery, then everybody's happy. MR. TOM MARTINO: And of course, not everyone's a candidate, right? DR. MICHAEL BELL: That's true. That's true. MR. TOM MARTINO: Do you help determine that or you consult with Dr. Dishler? DR. MICHAEL BELL: Absolutely. Yeah, we work in direct connection with Dr. Dishler in determining candidates. MR. TOM MARTINO: Have you ever thought maybe someone might not be and Dr. Dishler says, yeah, I think we can do that? DR. MICHAEL BELL: Yeah. MR. TOM MARTINO: So it goes back and forth. Dr. Dishler, speaking about referrals, how important is it to you to have professionals refer people to you? DR. JON DISHLER: It's the key to our practice. This is how tit works. I mean, almost all of our patients come from great guys like Dr. Bell here. MR. TOM MARTINO: I should mention that people can come directly to you. DR. JON DISHLER: They come directly to us, but 80% of our patients or more, 85%, come through referrals. Michael and his wife, who is also a doctor, they're our go to people for Parker. And they have a great practice. Their patients trust them. They can do an evaluation. They can give them an honest appraisal. Just like you said. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yes. DR. JON DISHLER: Is LASIK good for them? Are they better with contacts? Are they better with glasses? But for the people where they are good candidates, where they—where it will be a good thing for them, then he refers them to us, we do some specialized testing. We call it one visit is it, because they've been worked up so thoroughly by the time— MR. TOM MARTINO: [interposing] Right, by their doctor. DR. JON DISHLER: --they come in, they just can come in one time, have the procedure, and then after they're—a day or two later they go back to his practice and he takes care of them from then on. And it's just the way that— MR. TOM MARTINO: [interposing] That's a great partnership. DR. JON DISHLER: --it's a great partnership and it's the way medical care of the future is going, because it's very efficient. They don't have to pay for having us do things that we don't need to do and they get to keep their regular doctor. It's just been a wonderful situation and it's the way we've done things and in fact, Dr. Bell himself has— MR. TOM MARTINO: [interposing] 2007, you had it? DR. JON DISHLER: Yeah, he had LASIK himself. DR. MICHAEL BELL: Going on three years. DR. JON DISHLER: He was just telling me while we were waiting to come on how he just was skiing up Copper Mountain and how enjoyable it was to be able to ski without, you know, needing his glasses, his contacts. MR. TOM MARTINO: Do you—what was your sight like before? DR. MICHAEL BELL: Well, I was one of those people who really couldn't function without glasses or contacts. Things like waking in the— MR. TOM MARTINO: Oh, yeah? You fumbled around— DR. MICHAEL BELL: [interposing] Absolutely, waking up in the morning not seeing an alarm clock and just daily activities. MR. TOM MARTINO: And you were an eye doctor at the time. DR. MICHAEL BELL: Yes. MR. TOM MARTINO: So you're thinking, I've got to do something. DR. MICHAEL BELL: Absolutely. MR. TOM MARTINO: How did you find out about Dr. Dishler? DR. MICHAEL BELL: Well, I've worked with Dr. Dishler in the past, and so I knew his skill as a surgeon, his experience as a surgeon. And so, to me it was an easy choice. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yeah, there's just no question. Dr. Dishler, I never asked you this before. Have you had LASIK? DR. JON DISHLER: No, no. But I would if I needed to, but I don't. I happen to have good vision. MR. TOM MARTINO: You do. DR. JON DISHLER: I'm really lucky that way. MR. TOM MARTINO: Because I see you at the office and when you check me in you don't use any—well, how did that happen? I mean, and so—so really, this is something that happens all over the country or the state when it comes. Have you been—have you had referring doctors outside the state? DR. JON DISHLER: Oh, absolutely. MR. TOM MARTINO: Really? DR. JON DISHLER: A lot of patients come to us from Wyoming. I'd say 20, 25% of our patients actually come from Wyoming. MR. TOM MARTINO: Wow. DR. JON DISHLER: We have patients from Kansas, from Nebraska, we've had some from South Dakota, and from—actually a handful from even further away than that. Most of our patients come from Colorado, but all over Colorado and it's really been a nice situation that patients can get the specialized care and then go back to their regular doctor. MR. TOM MARTINO: You know, it's important, as I said, we love the referring docs and they bring credibility to the practice and they can take care of their patients. But if you don't have an eye doctor right now, you can go directly to Dr. Jon Dishler and - - . DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] And what's more, if they come directly to us and they live in Parker, chances are we'll say, you know what? MR. TOM MARTINO: Yeah. DR. JON DISHLER: You've got a great doctor right down the street. MR. TOM MARTINO: Right. DR. JON DISHLER: And we'll work with them. So we do a lot of referring. It's a reciprocal situation. MR. TOM MARTINO: It's a back and forth thing. DR. JON DISHLER: Absolutely. Absolutely. MR. TOM MARTINO: The technology I want to talk about just a little without getting too technical. Because people see these come ons for very low prices and these come ons. But the truth of correction and blade free, what does it involve? DR. JON DISHLER: The current state of the art, virtually the standard of care now is all blade free LASIK. That's all we do. You know, there's a lot of centers that have various choices, menus, a low price entry thing. MR. TOM MARTINO: Yeah, but if you really want— DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] If you want the good stuff, you know, then it costs more. And that just doesn't make sense to us in the medical world. MR. TOM MARTINO: No. DR. JON DISHLER: You want to give people the very best. So we just have one price, whether it's LASIK, PRK, we give everybody the very best treatment that we can for them. MR. TOM MARTINO: I mean, if you're going to go through it, you do it right. DR. JON DISHLER: Right. And we try to price it as reasonably as we can. We're very competitive. That's why we guarantee it's the lowest. MR. TOM MARTINO: It is. DR. JON DISHLER: For blade free custom LASIK, you get the benefit of all of that, you get the benefit of working with their doctors. MR. TOM MARTINO: And this is—that's all care. So when you quote a price, it's not a nickel and dime situation. DR. JON DISHLER: It's everything. And you know what? For the rare one or two percent of people were they don't get completely corrected and we have to do a little bit more, we do it free of charge. MR. TOM MARTINO: Here it is. Lowest guaranteed price. DR. JON DISHLER: Yeah. MR. TOM MARTINO: Custom bladeless LASIK. No matter what correction you need, it's covered. So they're not going to come back and say, well, if you need this or that. Zero percent interest financing is really good. Zero percent financing. And that's for 24 months, so it's basically free financing for 24 months at the guaranteed lowest price. That's all good. And this is available through affiliates as well, right? When they go to an affiliate they can— DR. JON DISHLER: [interposing] Absolutely. Same price no matter how they come to us there is no difference. MR. TOM MARTINO: Now, I should mention that—and after this we'll mention you were named as one of the top ten in the country by an independent rating group that appeared in Forbes magazine. But here's the contact information, (303) 793-3000. (303) 793-3000. Dishler.com. Here's something I'm proud of. I'm a good referral, I'll tell you, because I know people watch and might call you without talking to me. But you wouldn't believe—there's the Forbes Magazine article there and this was an independent testing group or rating group I should say. And, yeah, you don't pay to be on there. So I wanted to mention, you don't know how many people that email me personally or call me and say, what's the story. I don't know why. I don't know why they think I'm going to say something different, you know, because you've been on the show and I say he's great. And then, they call and say, so, what do you think? DR. JON DISHLER: What's the inside story? MR. TOM MARTINO: So I'm a referral, too. DR. JON DISHLER: well, thank you.