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Financial Benefit of LASIK – Dr. Jon Dishler on Martino TV, Fox 31 Denver


Denver LASIK surgeon Dr. Jon Dishler discusses about LASIK and its financial benefit on Martino TV. According to the analysis, LASIK is actually saving you a lot of money in a long-run.

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MR. TOM MARTINO: There are a lot of things that keep people from getting LASIK. You know‚ one is fear but you know Dr. Jon Dishler and his crew take fear out of it. Everyone who's ever thought about LASIK and then hesitated‚ went to him calls me or e mails me or comes on the show and says it was a great experience‚ nothing that I thought. Another thing is cost. People say oh, it's going to be so expensive‚ but we've shown you from Dr. Jon Dishler how it can be actually very affordable. In fact‚ when you compare the same technology, the same actual correction and all the advances they do and all of the care‚ you can't get it less expensive than at Dr. Dishler's place. Bult what about people say you know what‚ well‚ it's still more expensive than glasses. Okay‚ I'm going to go to Walgreens‚ I'm going to buy glasses or I'm going to get contact lenses or I have glasses‚ I'm just going to stay with glasses certainly that will save me money. So they say yeah‚ I know that Dr. Jon Dishler might be very reasonable‚ but I'm still going to save money if I just leave it the way it is until the economy gels better or I just I've been doing this too long. DR. JON DISHLER: You know‚ Tom‚ I have just had my own eyes open because I thought people just came in and had LASIK‚ I've been doing it for 15 years‚ 50,000 cases‚ all this stuff‚ I thought peep m came in and had it done because they wanted to sigh better‚ they didn't want the inconvenience of glasses‚ contacts‚ and so forth. And I was amazed when we did an analysis ex when we looked at other analyses that have been done by other people how much money over a lifetime people saved by having LASIK. It actually for someone in their 20s‚ they can save as much as 40,000 dollars or more on glasses‚ contacts‚ eye exams. It's just amazing that it's a great investment in yourself. Not only do you get the benefits‚ but you also get a tremendous savings. Even people in their 40s and 50s in just three or four years get back whatever they paid for the procedure and then start actually like an investment making money on it. MR. MARTINO: So if we take a look‚ for example‚ prescription eye glasses‚ about 200 dollars you're saying every other year‚ prescription sun glasses 350 every other year‚ contact lenses‚ 40 dollars‚ so if you look at the ages‚ so let's say someone 55. Over a lifetime‚ $22,000. Wow. $22,000‚ or more than 22,000. Now‚ this is LASIK and year exams‚ by the way. That does not - - the LASIK is much cheaper than that. But even if you throw on that yearly exams‚ you're still saving almost 17,000 dollars. Right‚ we're considering the LASIK‚ having yearly exams after the LASIK as compared to just wearing glasses‚ contacts‚ most of the people we see wear contacts. Now‚ there's a mix. Some people only wear glasses. MR. MARTINO: Right. DR. DISHLER: But when you take on average people‚ it's actually a great - - and this doesn't take into account things like flexible spending accounts‚ you know‚ tax deductibility‚ this is just straight on. So the take home message I think from this isn't‚ it doesn't matter exactly within a certain range what the LASIK costs. The cost of the LASIK is a relatively small number compared to the savings so long as the person gets a good result and the doctor stands behind it. MR. MARTINO: The younger you are‚ the more you save. DR. DISHLER: Absolutely. MR. MARTINO: I don't understand that. DR. DISHLER: Well‚ because every year there's a savings. So as you get older and older‚ if you have it done when you're 20 then between the ages of 20 and 70‚ you have 50 years of good vision where you're not all those years having to buy glasses‚ contacts‚ all those things. And yes‚ when people get over 45 or so‚ they need reading glasses‚ but they can get inexpensive Walgreen type glasses for that. But it's the people‚ especially with astigmatism‚ those glasses and those contacts are very‚ very expensive. It's just amazing. MR. MARTINO: And it's not getting any cheaper either. DR. DISHLER: And it's not getting any cheaper. MR. MARTINO: Now‚ let's say someone at 20‚ they have LASIK. Will they ever need an enhancement? DR. DISHLER: Well‚ our experience has been that about 1 or 2% need an enhancement in the first year‚ we provide that at no charge. And then after that's‚ a very small purse‚ maybe one in a thousand will need something more done five to 10 years later. MR. MARTINO: Really. DR. DISHLER: So for most people it's a lifetime procedure as long as it's done properly the first time. MR. MARTINO: So if it's done properly‚ it can correct your eyes and you could be set. DR. DISHLER: Right. MR. MARTINO: Now‚ um‚ when we talk about savings‚ let's talk about the prices of LASIK and people I know are saying well‚ Tom‚ I've heard about $499 and he was quoting five thousand for LASIK and follow up here. By the way‚ the actual LASIK procedure is around 3,000 for everything and we can get into specifics. But how does that compare y. know people and we haven't revisited this in awhile. People say but‚ Tom, what about $499, I hear it all the time. DR. DISHLER: It's as low as $499. MR. MARTINO: I know. Which is almost DR. DISHLER: Which is almost never. People y mean‚ people that work in those places that I've talked to say less than 1% of people qualify for that price. MR. MARTINO: Less than 1%. DR. DISHLER: Right. MR. MARTINO: Because that's if you go in and this particular laser can treat you‚ if you don't have any abnormalities‚ right? DR. DISHLER: Right‚ you have their old laser‚ you don't have the newest technology‚ you have very low retraction‚ you don't have any astigmatism‚ if you fall into that group‚ MR. MARTINO: Which is a little group. DR. DISHLER: Which is a little group‚ you can have it for that price. But the whole point of our discussion today is it's worth the investment to get the best laser‚ the best technology‚ and for most people they wouldn't qualify for that anyway‚ even if it's a little more expensive. And most of our patients‚ many of our patients now have taken advantage of our no interest financing. So they're paying it off over two years. You know‚ over that two years‚ most of the savings that they're going to gets is sort of paying them back. So net cost‚ it's almost a wash by the time they get to two years‚ even‚ you know, paying a slightly higher price for that procedure. MR. MARTINO: Not only that‚ not only a savings‚ but the convenience - - we've talked to people‚ Dr. Dishler‚ who could not see anything. They were legally blind. DR. DISHLER: Right‚ right. MR. MARTINO: And you have extraordinary results. So in the evaluation process‚ people I know people are asking‚ can I get it‚ do I qualify, and we always hear u stigmatism. Before somebody even calls‚ I'm going to say that's what they're going to ask. By the way‚ you can call with any questions‚ (303)Martino. but what about astigmatism? DR. DISHLER: Well‚ almost everybody, I mean 2/3 of people I should say, not everybody‚ have some degree of astigmatism that we fix. MR. MARTINO: Okay. DR. DISHLER: Some have it worse and some have it not that bad. MR. MARTINO: And that's an uneven eye‚ right? DR. DISHLER: And that's an uneven shape to the eye. It's also the newer lasers correct the vision in a much more natural way to get a MR. MARTINO: And a bigger area? DR. DISHLER: A bigger area‚ good night vision‚ it's not just what you can see in a brightly lit room on an eye chart‚ whether that's 20/20. MR. MARTINO: Right. DR. DISHLER: Everybody 20/20‚ I mean‚ just about‚ you know? It's how good the vision is‚ do people feel like they have natural vision day‚ night‚ near‚ far that makes them feel like they were born with good eyes. That's what we're trying to accomplish and that's what‚ for most people‚ we can accomplish. MR. MARTINO: All right‚ we have a phone call from Mary. Mary‚ welcome to Martino TV‚ hello‚ Mary‚ what's happening? DR. BEAKS: Hi. Can you tell me‚ does LASIK do any good on glaucoma? MR. MARTINO: Glaucoma? DR. BEAKS: Uh huh. MR. MARTINO: And LASIK. DR. DISHLER: Well‚ if the glaucoma is well controlled‚ people can have LASIK. We work with the glaucoma MR. MARTINO: It doesn't correct glaucoma. DR. DISHLER: It doesn't correct glaucoma‚ no. Glaucoma means there's too much pressure in the eye‚ it's MR. MARTINO: Too pressurized and does that affect‚ does glaucoma in itself affect vision? DR. DISHLER: In general‚ no. MR. MARTINO: Okay. DR. DISHLER: In general‚ no. MR. MARTINO: But you still have to treat that. That is nothing to do with the LASIK part of it. DR. DISHLER: Right. They call glaucoma the silent thief of vision because it takes away vision without any symptoms because the eye pressure is too high‚ you can't feel that in your eyes‚ and you can slowly lose your peripheral vision. MR. MARTINO: How is that corrected? DR. DISHLER: It's corrected usually by medication‚ by eye drops‚ and we screen everybody for glaucoma as part of our evaluation. MR. MARTINO: You screen them for that? DR. DISHLER: We screen them for glaucoma‚ for cataracts‚ for retinal problems. So you have to have healthy eyes to have LASIK. But we do treat people that have previously had retinal detachments‚ that have had glaucoma‚ that have even had cataract surgery with LASIK. But LASIK is to correct vision so that a person doesn't need glasses or contacts. It has either healthy eyes or eyes that have been treated med clea. MR. MARTINO: I want to mention‚ Jon Dishler had an honor at Gold Line. Can you explain? Gold line goes out and ranks thengs‚ ranks people‚ they do not accept any money‚ you can't pay to be on this list‚ and they picked around the country how many LASIK surgeons? DR. DISHLER: Ten. MR. MARTINO: And in the entire country. DR. DISHLER: In the entire country. MR. MARTINO: And you're on the list. DR. DISHLER: Yes. Yes‚ they picked us. We're very honored. They looked at about a half a dozen people from Colorado‚ they picked us‚ and that's just we're very honored by that. And they look at MR. MARTINO: And they have published it in DR. DISHLER: They published it in Forbes magazine‚ they look at your experience‚ your results‚ um‚ whether‚ you know‚ they actually talk to people who have come to you and so it's a real honor. We really are very happy. MR. MARTINO: And this has brought patients from all over to Dr. Jon Dishler. You're fortunate you just have to go to the tech center‚ and it's the lowest guaranteed price for the same technology and custom bladeless LASIK. Listen to this‚ 0% interest‚ free financing‚ when financing is tight‚ he's offering 0% with approved credit‚ free financing for 24 months‚ at the guaranteed lowest price and this is a wonderful offer. So you can give them a call at (303)793-3000, Dr. Jon Dishler, you see him on the show, he's our expert. You can always call or e mail and we'll get the questions to him. (303)793-3000, or on the web at dishler.com, that's dishler.com.