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Enjoy You Active Lifestyles with LASIK – COCO June 2010


Learn more information about LASIK and how you can enjoy your active lifestyle with LASIK from Dr. Jon Dishler and his LASIK patient on the Colorado and Company show.

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FEMALE VOICE: When considering LASIK, the most important moment is when you choose your surgeon. Dr. Jon Dishler has personally performed over 50,000 LASIK procedures and the most experienced all-LASIK laser surgeon with over 15,000 all-laser procedures. Now, he was the first surgeon in Colorado to perform LASIK. As seen in Forbes Magazine, Dr. Dishler was voted one of America’s Top 10 Vision Correction Specialists in a nationwide survey of eye surgeons. He is also a member of Trusted LASIK Surgeons who place Dr. Dishler among an elite circle comprising of the top 1% of LASIK eye surgeons in the United States. This man definitely knows what he’s doing. As a matter of fact, in 2007, he was the first in North America, and remains the only surgeon in Colorado to offer the Zeiss VisuMax laser, the most advanced 100% all-laser flap maker and the Zeiss MEL 80 laser. He’s going to explain more about that. A true pioneer in LASIK, he joins me now with Julie Tamblen from Dillon, Colorado. Julie works for the Town of Silverthorne and is very active; including, now get this: triathlons, she also enjoys photography, cooking, reading; those are all things that you definitely need your eyes for. So, welcome to the show. MS. JULIE TAMBLEN: Thank you. FEMALE VOICE: Dr. Dishler, as seen in Forbes, as I mentioned, Top 1% of LASIK Surgeons in the nation, that’s really impressive. DR. JON DISHLER: Well, thank you. Thank you for having us today, too. FEMALE VOICE: Give me a more detailed, more intimate story about you. Tell me more about you. DR. DISHLER: Well, we’ve tried to make LASIK something that people can really use to enjoy their lifestyle. I was the first person to do LASIK realizing it was a great thing back in 1995 in Colorado, we were the first center to introduce the all blade-free LASIK back about 10 years ago, and now we have about four lasers, two of them just devoted to doing this blade-free approach. And that’s pretty much what we do is vision correction and we have patients coming from all over, not only Colorado, but Wyoming. FEMALE VOICE: Right. Well, and I have to tell you, I mean, that’s wonderful with all the technology that you were talking about, and you know, your credits and history, but you’re also just a really great guy, too, to sit down. You’re very welcoming and warm to your clients. DR. DISHLER: Well, we try to be, at my office everyone comments. I hope Julie had a warm, friendly experience, because it’s about people feeling that this is something for them and we don’t’ want anyone to be pressured, we want people to learn if this is a good thing for them. Yes, we do a lot of LASIK, but we also think the human element is very important. FEMALE VOICE: Very important, and your eyes are one of the most important things that you have, your sight. Why did you choose Dr. Dishler, Julie? MS. TAMBLEN: For years I wanted to get out of glasses, and I was nervous. I was afraid. Then I learned about blade-free, and decided that was something I felt comfortable with. I had a cousin that went to Dr. Dishler and had an excellent experience, so I decided to as well. FEMALE VOICE: You knew he was the right doctor for you? MS. TAMBLEN: Yes. FEMALE VOICE: Earlier, I was telling the viewers that you participate in triathlons, you love to cook, you love to read, I mean those are important things that were probably hampered without the perfect vision that you now have. MS. TAMBLEN: Yes, and it is perfect. I can see 3D, it’s just amazing. It’s the most incredible gift to be able to go, I see better than when I was wearing my glasses. At night, I know I was very worried about the night time halos. My nighttime vision is better than when I was wearing my glasses. FEMALE VOICE: Night time halos. Explain that more to me. MS. TAMBLEN: The refraction of the light -- like a headlight, the stars -- that you get from a point of light at night. FEMALE VOICE: And that was because of poor vision. What was it before you had the procedure done, what was your vision? MS. TAMBLEN: 20/70 to 20/80. FEMALE VOICE: Wow. MS. TAMBLEN: And it’s now 20/15 to 20/20. FEMALE VOICE: It is perfect. MS. TAMBLEN: Mmm-hmm. FEMALE VOICE: Wow, it’s changed your life completely. MS. TAMBLEN: Oh, the world is beautiful. DR. DISHLER: It’s also not just about the vision on the eye chart, but the quality of vision. She was telling me she’s a photographer, and it’s so important at night to have good vision in the dark. That’s the tough time. And for reading vision and having good, quality vision, good 3D vision. You know, we call it high definition vision, in fact, just like the TV. FEMALE VOICE: That’s very cool, and how are you supposed to enjoy the things you love if you’re not blessed with the great vision that you now have. MS. TAMBLEN: I’m sorry to interrupt, but I can go the whole gamut. I think this is really important to understand is I can see distance and I can read, no problem. Because that’s a question that a lot of people asked me when they found out I had LASIK. “Well, do you need reading glasses?” No. FEMALE VOICE: Not at all. And Dr. Dishler, I understand you have a LASIK quiz for us today. DR. DISHLER: I do. I do. FEMALE VOICE: Alright, well let’s get into that. We have a few questions I want to ask you. LASIK can treat any vision problem, true or false? DR. DISHLER: The answer is false, because it can’t. There’s eye problems that LASIK can’t treat, like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal problems, things like that, but any kind of refractive problem, anything where people need glasses or contacts, it can treat virtually all of those kinds of problems. And a lot of people don’t realize it can treat astigmatism, we can treat people so they can see good far away and to read. In fact, I am an investigator for another study for an implantable contact lens so there are things that we can do with LASIK and other procedures beyond what people have been aware of in the past. FEMALE VOICE: You have a passion for this. Quite an education, but also a passion. The next question: the first step in LASIK is always performed by using a surgical blade. True or false? DR. DISHLER: Use to be true, but now it’s false. When we started doing LASIK, we did them all with a surgical blade to make the little later flap, but now we do it all laser. So only light touches the eye, very precise, very accurate, and there is no blade in our practice and many practices throughout the country. But it’s very important for people to ask about that, because sometimes people can get a lower price for older technology, but really in this area when it comes to your eyes, you want to have the very best. FEMALE VOICE: Dr. Dishler is joining me this morning with one of his very happy patients. You can contact him at (303) 793-3000. Tell me more. I can barely pronounce this, so you’re going to have to explain to me exactly what this is. The new Zeiss VisuMax. DR. DISHLER: Well, in the blade-free world, there’s a new laser. Relatively new – we’ve had it for a couple of years – that’s the most precise way of making a laser flap, and here you can see me working with it, that big white thing. And this thing is amazing. It can make a flap and get the eye ready for the second part in under 20 seconds. The patient feels absolutely nothing. I look through the microscope. People are worried are they going to move their eye or do the wrong thing but they can’t, it tracks the eye. Everything is done very quickly, very efficiently, and very, very precisely. In fact, we make flaps in the new way, people are worried that maybe I’ll blink afterwards and things will move, but now it’s sort of locked in like Tupperware, so it’s really a quiet revolution in how improved this procedure has become. FEMALE VOICE: The next question, custom LASIK provides more precise vision correction. DR. DISHLER: Yes, it does. That’s the true answer, and it does provide more precise. The flap’s the key in the beginning, and then we use another laser, which I think we’re going to talk about. And the combination of the two all made by Zeiss, people have heard of Zeiss for optics and things, and this procedure’s now approved by NASA. Astronauts can have it, fighter pilots can have it. In fact, a colleague of mine who does this for the pilots back in the Navy uses the same exact technology that we do, and it is a more precise way, and that’s what gives people like Julie the good night vision, you know, without the halos or glare or things like that. FEMALE VOICE: Yeah, as you’re talking, Julie’s, I can tell you just want to, because you’re over there, “That’s right! That’s right!” MS. TAMBLEN: I’m trying so hard to be quiet. I have so much to say. FEMALE VOICE: No, that’s good, you’re happy. Tell me about the other laser you offer. I understand that you’re the first to offer the Zeiss MEL 80. DR. DISHLER: The Zeiss MEL 80, that’s the companion laser to the VisuMax. There you can see some video of it being used. Very precise. It has this great eye tracker, so even if someone were to look around, it still does the exact right treatment. In this laser, not only do most people end up 20/20, almost everyone ends up 20/20, but in the FDA study almost half the patients ended up 20/15, which is better than 20/20. That’s the kind of vision that Julie enjoys today. FEMALE VOICE: What kind of special do you have for our viewers? DR. DISHLER: Well, our special is that we have the guaranteed lowest price, we have 24 month no interest financing for those who qualify. In addition to that, we are offering everybody, just like this, a free iPod Shuffle that they can get just for coming in and finding out that they are a candidate for the procedure. They have to be a candidate, we don’t want 10-year-olds. FEMALE VOICE: Right. DR. DISHLER: You know, but if they come in and have an exam, just for their time, in fact, this one I’m going to give to Julie because she didn’t get hers, and we have one other thing: we decided that since everyone listened to our quiz, we’re going to give everyone besides this lowest guaranteed price, an additional 10% off of that price. So 10% additional off. All they have to mention is that they saw it on Colorado & Company. FEMALE VOICE: Great deal. Fabulous deal. Alright, now it’s time for you to talk, girl. I know you’re so excited. You’re pleased with the results. What would you tell another viewer who’s watching right now thinking, “Maybe I should.” MS. TAMBLEN: I was completely terrified, but wanted desperately to make a change. I couldn’t, glasses, everything, they would fall off while I was running and dance class they would go swinging. I, everyone at Dr. Dishler’s office was personable, very professional, but I don’t want to use that word because sometimes it sounds stiff. Very personable, very knowledgeable, and when I told them that I was terrified, I only had to tell them once and everything was taken care of. And it sounds hokey, but it is an incredible gift to be able to see this well, and to be able to see in depth, you know, that I just didn’t have before. FEMALE VOICE: It doesn’t sound hokey at all. It sounds life-changing. MS. TAMBLEN: The world is beautiful now. FEMALE VOICE: And you’re right, professional, but very warm, too. Great doctor, thank you very much. DR. DISHLER: Thank you. FEMALE VOICE: Again, the Dishler Institute offers the guaranteed lowest price for custom blade-free laser LASIK in Colorado. And right now, I want you to take advantage of special financing, 24 months at 0% interest with approved credit. Restrictions do apply, so call this number right now. It’s (303) 793-3000 for more details. Be sure to mention this television show. Mention Colorado & Company when you schedule your consultation by July 30th. Now, qualified LASIK candidates will receive a free iPod while supplies last, and Dr. Dishler is also offering an additional 10% off their already guaranteed lowest price on custom blade-free laser LASIK. Dr. Jon Dishler has been recognized as one of the most trusted LASIK surgeons and the most experienced surgeon in the state of Colorado when it comes to the advanced, all-laser method. Call (303) 793-3000. That’s for your free LASIK consultation. Learn more again online.