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New Vision with LASIK Colorado – Colorado and Company May 2010


Watch our LASIK surgeon Dr. Jon Dishler and his LASIK patient, who was once told by other surgeons that she was not a candidate for LASIK, on the Colorado and Company show.

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FEMALE VOICE: Well, topping today’s show, we’re going to demonstrate a way that can actually help you see life in a whole new light. If you’re considering LASIK surgery, the most important moment is when you choose your surgeon. And Dr. John Dishler has personally performed over 50,000 LASIK procedures. He’s the most experienced laser LASIK surgeon with over 15,000 all laser procedures. Now in addition, he was the first surgeon in Colorado to perform LASIK. And I’m so excited to show this as seen in “Forbes” Magazine. Dr. Dishler was voted one of America’s top 10 vision correction specialists in a nationwide survey of eye surgeons. He’s also a member of trusted LASIK surgeons, who estimate that Dr. Dishler is among the elite circle of the top 1 percent of LASIK eye surgeons in the United States. He’s here in our own backyard. That’s so exciting. Now in 2007, he was the first LASIK surgeon in North America, and remains the only surgeon in Colorado to offer the Zeiss Visiomax Femto Second Laser, the most advanced 100 percent all laser flap maker and the Zeiss Mel 80 laser. He’s a true pioneer in LASIK. Dr. John Dishler joins us with Jennifer Mack, one of his patients, who transferred from the University of Hawaii to study conservation biology at CSU. Welcome to the show, folks. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Thank you. Good to see you. FEMALE VOICE: Well, it’s so good to see you, too. And I think I’m more excited about this -- you making “Forbes” than you are. Top 1 percent of LASIK surgeons, that’s so impressive, doctor. MR. JOHN DISHLER: Well, thank you very much. FEMALE VOICE: Congrats. MR. DISHLER Thank you. FEMALE VOICE: Tell our audience, we always have new viewers tuning in every single day, tell us a little bit about yourself? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Well, I’ve been in Colorado in practice for 25 years. I started LASIK here in the Denver, Colorado area. And actually developed a laser, one of the first LASIK lasers. It’s named after me. And I’ve been an investigator. I’ve been doing LASIK every since. We have a board--a state certified ambulatory surgery center, where we do all our cases. I’m an investigator for several companies. The latest one we’re doing work with an implantable contact lens as part of an FDA study. But we do a lot of LASIK. And we are the only center with four lasers. We have--we do all blade free LASIK. And we’ve just had a really good experience with the community and with helping people to see better. FEMALE VOICE: Obviously, this isn’t just a job for you. You’re very passionate about what you do in helping others. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Absolutely. FEMALE VOICE: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Absolutely. And that’s why it was so nice for Jennifer to come join us today-- FEMALE VOICE: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Because she’s--she just had LASIK two weeks ago. FEMALE VOICE: Wow. DR. JOHN DISHLER: And she was told that--this is the great part. She went somewhere else, was told she wasn’t a candidate because her eyes were too bad. And here she is seeing better than 20/20. And before your surgery, you were? MS. JENNIFER MACK: I was about 20/1000. So I really could only just see right in front of my face. So it’s pretty amazing. FEMALE VOICE: Wow, that’s exciting for you. MS. MACK: Yeah, I’m very happy. FEMALE VOICE: It’s like a miracle. So how and why did you decide to visit Dr. Dishler? MS. MACK: Well, my dad had seen his advertisements. And I was in Hawaii at the time. And he told me that when I come back to Colorado, that I should go in for a consultation and see if I’m a candidate because I had been told three years ago that I wasn’t. And went in and he immediately just said I was a candidate, and had the surgery the next week. So very happy. FEMALE VOICE: And with your poor vision that you had before the surgery, what kind of--just explain a day in your life? Like there were things you couldn’t do, right? MS. MACK: Right. Well, the first thing I would wake up and, you know, have to scour for my glasses and try and look for them. And then, you know, immediately put on my contacts. And you know, I just kind of struggled throughout the day putting in eye drops. And, you know, it really just hindered my lifestyle a lot. I couldn’t, you know, go swimming. I had to worry about ripping a contact or having it pop out or all that--and just the uncomfortable feeling of having a piece of plastic in your eye. FEMALE VOICE: Yeah, you’re life has changed. And she mentioned something really important, glasses. I mean, not only the whole mental and emotional aspect of waking up trying to find it, but also we have some graphics here. Walk us through the cost of glasses throughout a lifetime. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Well, that’s, you know, 50,000’s the number here, because we’ve done 50,000 LASIK procedures. And for someone like her, someone, you know, that’s younger, you can save up to $50,000, and this graphic here shows that. It’s amazing how much a cost for contacts, contact lens solutions, right, Jennifer? MS. MACK: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: You know, replacements, glasses. She said before the show her glasses alone cost $600 a pair. FEMALE VOICE: Yeah. DR. JOHN DISHLER: So over many years, that’s part of the reason she decided to do this. You can save in spite of--there is cost to LASIK and some cost to the exams afterwards, but still, it’s been looked at very carefully. You can save $50,000 or more by having LASIK over not having it. So people shouldn’t be focused on the cost of the procedure. They should really be looking at it as to how much money they’re going to save by having it done. Even people that are in their 40s or 50s can save $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 by having this procedure done. FEMALE VOICE: It’s an investment in you and in your future. And you know, that’s one of the most important senses that we have your sight. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Absolutely. FEMALE VOICE: Yeah, someone who struggled with it, they certainly know that that’s the truth. You have some fantastic technology coming out in lasers? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah, you know, we’re really excited. WE were the first in North America to have this new Visiomax laser you mentioned. We have two blade free lasers. One’s the Intralase. The other one is the Visiomax. And the Visiomax is able to more naturally make this very thin precise flap on the eye that lets us treat people that previously weren’t candidates. And then you combine that with the other technologies. The Mel 80 laser that we have, for instance, that uses a very precision natural way to reshape the eye. You know, there were people that had problems with halos at night and glare and things like that in the early days. But now, even in high corrections like in Jennifer’s, and even people with larger pupils tend to have very natural good vision. So people who were not candidates for LASIK before, many times are candidates now. FEMALE VOICE: Dr. Dishler, you mentioned the Zeiss Mel 80. You’re the only one and the first for that matter-- DR. JOHN DISHLER: Right. FEMALE VOICE: --to offer this here? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah, we were one of the investigators. We’ve worked very closely with industry. And we have the Zeiss Mel 80. And everyone’s heard of Zeiss. Zeiss Optics and everything from cameras to binoculars. They make the best optics in the world. And the Zeiss Mel 80 laser is no exception. It is able to reshape the eye very, very quickly. You can see in the video there, that’s the actual laser reshaping the eye. It only takes a few seconds. And we can treat high amounts of astigmatism, as well as near-sightedness. We now can treat far-sightedness. And then afterwards, we put the flap back. And patients immediately after the procedure, right, Jennifer, right afterwards-- MS. MACK: Yes, exactly. DR. JOHN DISHLER: They can read the clock across the room. And they can see well. Very little discomfort afterwards. I don’t know if you had-- MS. MACK: I didn’t experience any discomfort whatsoever. I was expecting all sorts of things, but it was great. FEMALE VOICE: That’s excellent. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Yeah. FEMALE VOICE: What would you say to someone who’s watching and they think you know what maybe I should? MS. MACK: I really think you should just consider it. FEMALE VOICE: Yeah. MS. MACK: It’s definitely worth it in the long run. You’re investing in your future. And you know, it’s going to pay off, even though it’s expensive right now-- FEMALE VOICE: Yeah. MS. MACK: --it’s definitely worth it. FEMALE VOICE: Wow, but just to struggle to see the beauty every day, especially living here in Colorado. He can actually help you, Dr. Dishler (303) 793-3000. And what can special do you have for our viewers? DR. JOHN DISHLER: Well, we realize that in spite of everything, people have a lot of choices. And we want people to put us on their short list to come and visit us. So we’re offering people a free iPod just for their time to come and find out if they’re a candidate. Now they have to be a qualified candidate. They have to really need LASIK, and you know, be able to have LASIK, but if they come in, have an exam, there’s no obligation. They don’t have to choose us as their provider, but just as a little gift we’re giving everyone an iPod. And we guarantee the lowest price for blade free LASIK of anywhere. If anyone has a lower price quote, we’ll match it, but we don’t think that’ll happen, because we know that we are the lowest price in spite of offering this great technology. FEMALE VOICE: Again, going back to your great customer service, you love your patients. You really take care of them. Thank you very much. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Thank you very much. FEMALE VOICE: And congrats on the “Forbes.” I’m more excited than you are. Thanks for sharing your story, Jennifer. DR. JOHN DISHLER: Thank you. FEMALE VOICE: Again, Dishler Laser Institute offers the guarantee of lowest price for custom blade free laser LASIK in Colorado. Right now, take advantage of special financing. 24 months at 0 percent interest with approved credit. Restrictions do apply. So please call this phone number. (303) 793-3000. Don’t wait, call right now. (303) 793-3000 for details. And be sure to mention Colorado and Company when schedule your consultation by June 30th. Now qualified LASIK candidates will receive a free iPod. And that’s pretty cool. Dr. John Dishler has been recognized as one of the most trusted LASIK surgeons and the most experienced surgeon in the state of Colorado when it comes to the advanced all laser method. So the number one more time for you (303) 793-3000 for your free LASIK consultation. Learn more on his website at dishler.com. And the Dishler Laser--