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Marilyn Bryant from Leadville, CO. “I was a little nervous but the process was neat.”


Marilyn shares with us her LASIK experience at Dishler LASIK Institute. Marilyn is very happy with her LASIK result and now she is able to see clearly.

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FEMALE VOICE: What is your name? MS. MARILYN BRYANT: Marilyn Bryant. FEMALE VOICE: And what happened yesterday? MS. BRYANT: I had LASIK eye surgery yesterday. FEMALE VOICE: Oh, and how was it? MS. BRYANT: It was great. FEMALE VOICE: And‚ uh‚ yeah‚ it was great. When did you start seeing well? MS. BRYANT: I was actually able to walk out of surgery‚ which I didn't know how that was go to be. I was able to walk out‚ I went back and took about a two hour nap‚ and then got up and things were a little hazy but‚ um‚ as the day went on‚ everything got sharper and sharper and really no pain. My eyes itched just a little bit‚ but after the nap they were great. FEMALE VOICE: Wow. How was the LASIK process itself? MS. BRYANT: Um‚ I really didn't know what to expect so I was a little nervous‚ or a lot nervous‚ but the process was really‚ really neat. You just lay down and it was more like getting an eye exam‚ you know‚ where they tell you watch the dot or watch this. And they did two different procedures‚ but there was never pain or anything like that. FEMALE VOICE: Oh, good. And how did everybody treat you here? MS. BRYANT: Excellent. Wonderful staff here‚ did a great job‚ very accommodating‚ very comfortable‚ answered any questions that I had. It was a great experience FEMALE VOICE: And did it hurt during surgery? MS. BRYANT: Didn't hurt at all. FEMALE VOICE: Good. MS. BRYANT: No pain at all. FEMALE VOICE: And could you drive here? MS. BRYANT: After surgery‚ I could not drive‚ leaving after surgery yesterday‚ but today the day after I was able to drive here‚ everything's crisp and clear and great. FEMALE VOICE: And what do you see in today? MS. BRYANT: Do what? FEMALE VOICE: What did the doctor say‚ what's your vision? MS. BRYANT: Oh, I'm one line away from 20/20 today so they said once the swelling goes down‚ within a week I should be 20/20 at least. FEMALE VOICE: And are you satisfied with it thus far? MS. BRYANT: I'm very satisfied with it. I was able to read everything when I watch TV and see on the lines on TV‚ I'm able to read it o all‚ so it's excellent. FEMALE VOICE: Oh, good‚ so thumbs up or down? MS. BRYANT: Thumbs up. FEMALE VOICE: All right‚ thanks.