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The Powells, Nicole and Derek, from Riverton, Wy. “The difference 1 day after is clear.”


The Powells share with us the story of their LASIK journey from the very beginning phone call with the staff at Dishler LASIK Institute until the day after their LASIK surgery. The couples are very pleased with their results and would recommend Dr. Dishler to anyone.

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FEMALE VOICE: All right‚ what are your names? MS. NICOLE POWELL: I'm Nicole Powell. MR. DEREK POWELL: Derek Powell. FEMALE VOICE: Where are you guys from? MS. POWELL: Riverton‚ Wyoming. FEMALE VOICE: And what happened yesterday? MS. POWELL: We had LASIK eye surgery. FEMALE VOICE: Oh, and how did it go? MS. POWELL: It went easy. It was great. FEMALE VOICE: It was great. What did you think‚ Derek? MR. POWELL: It was easy. FEMALE VOICE: Thumbs up or down? MR. POWELL: Thumbs up. FEMALE VOICE: Oh, good. And tell me‚ Nicole‚ how was the LASIK process from when you came in to when you left? MS. POWELL: From even‚ like‚ talking on the phone to the staff here it was the easiest thing to go through. They talked‚ you know‚ when I had questions‚ I'd call‚ and they'd answer my questions right off the bat. When I got my packet in the mail‚ it was very thorough. When we got here yesterday morning‚ everybody was very courteous. They were very friendly from the minute we walked in all the way to when we went‚ we got home. It was a great process‚ very considerate. We were talking last night how comfortable you guys really make everybody‚ you know‚ try to feel‚ like‚ coming in here. So‚ ya‚ it was great. FEMALE VOICE: And what about the LASIK surgery itself? What, Derek‚ what did you think about that? Was it easy? MR. POWELL: Ya. FEMALE VOICE: It was pretty easy? MR. POWELL: It was easy. FEMALE VOICE: Did it hurt? MR. POWELL: No. FEMALE VOICE: And when did you start seeing‚ when you left you went home and you rested‚ correct? MR. POWELL: Yes. FEMALE VOICE: And how was that? When did you start‚ what did you feel after surgery? MR. POWELL: Just a little bit of scratch neases in the eyes? FEMALE VOICE: And you‚ too‚ Nicole? MS. POWELL: Yeah. Actually‚ when you leave‚ you know‚ we left here we had our sun glasses on and you could still‚ you could see‚ even though you had your sun glasses on. And it might have‚ you know, it was a little bit fuzzy‚ but you could still see. We went back to the motel room‚ we slept for a few hours‚ we got up. First thing you want to do is‚ you know‚ look and see if you can see‚ you know‚ so you open your eyes and it's like yeah‚ you can see. It's amazing. FEMALE VOICE: Wow. And the difference today? MS. POWELL: For me‚ the difference is clear. I mean y don't have any scratchiness‚ I don't have any‚ um‚ my eyes don't even feel dry. You know‚ I'm putting the drops in but they don't feel dry at all. You can look out and see everything and it's like okay‚ do I have my glasses on because‚ you know FEMALE VOICE: Now‚ was it scary? You mentioned‚ you know‚ does it feel like surgery? MS. POWELL: No, it does not feel like surgery at all. You're just‚ you go in there and you lay down and everybody‚ like I said everybody is very courteous‚ they make you very relaxed and you lay in the‚ on the little bed thing and. FEMALE VOICE: And they tell you what to do. MS. POWELL: They tell exactly what to do. I mean‚ you don't even realize that that's the surgery. FEMALE VOICE: Oh, good‚ good. MS. POWELL: You know‚ you're talking to us and it's like okay‚ we're done? You're kidding me. FEMALE VOICE: That's good. MS. POWELL: I didn't hear any loud noises‚ nothing. It was way‚ very‚ very‚ easy. FEMALE VOICE: Would you recommend LASIK to people and to have it done here? MS. POWELL: Yup‚ I would. Everybody I know. It was good. FEMALE VOICE: Good. MS. POWELL: Very good‚ very wonderful experience. FEMALE VOICE: Thank you. Thank you. MS. POWELL: Yeah.