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Wyoming LASIK Patient Lauri MacIntosh, “I could almost tell immediately...vision like I was a kid”


Lauri was impressed by the painless procedure and Dr. Dishler's professionalism. Lauri is very happy with the result of her LASIK and would recommend Dr. Dishler to anyone.

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FEMALE VOICE: What's your name? MS. LAURIE MACINTOSH: My name is Laurie Macintosh. FEMALE VOICE: And where are you from‚ Laurie? MS. MACINTOSH: I'm from Riverton‚ Wyoming‚ it's about a six-hour drive from Denver. FEMALE VOICE: And how was your night after the LASIK procedure? MS. MACINTOSH: Actually‚ my evening was real‚ really nice. I went back to the hotel and rested for about an hour or two and then my husband and I took our kids to Dave & Busters and went out to eat and played and we had a great time then I went to sleep that evening with the goggles they prescribed and I slept well. I didn't wake up at all. I didn't have any problems whatsoever. It was real comfortable. FEMALE VOICE: When did you kind of see the difference? MS. MACINTOSH: I could tell almost immediately. FEMALE VOICE: All right. MS. MACINTOSH: So that evening when we were at Dave & Buster's playing I could see across the‚ across the room and be able to see fairly clearly for the most part. There was just a little bit of a haze which they had said to be expected. Everything was real clear. I was very surprise said. I'm really pleased. FEMALE VOICE: Did it hurt? MS. MACINTOSH: No‚ actually it didn't. It was maybe slightly uncomfortable‚ but very‚ very slightly. Um‚ I really couldn't tell anything was going on almost at all. They were just messing with my eyes and that was it. FEMALE VOICE: And how were you treated here at Dr. Dishler's office? MS. MACINTOSH: Everyone has been really‚ really friendly‚ answered all my questions‚ been over the top helpful‚ very professional. FEMALE VOICE: That's great. And are you satisfied? What are you seeing this morning? MS. MACINTOSH: Today I see perfect‚ better than perfect. It used to be like it was when I was a kid and I am very‚ very happy. FEMALE VOICE: Wow‚ that's good. So would you recommend people to come to Dr. Dishler? MS. MACINTOSH: Absolutely. Without hesitation. It was a wonderful experience. I'm so pleased that I did it. FEMALE VOICE: All right‚ thanks a lot. MS. MACINTOSH: You're welcome.