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Runner Up – Funniest Category – Doug Adair


Watch the runner up’s video in the Funniest category from our LASIK video contest that took place at Dishler LASIK in Denver, Colorado.

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MALE VOICE: Ow. Mom, have you seen my glasses? Oh, Lightning, why do you always take my glasses? You know I can't see without them. FEMALE VOICE: Oh, John, Lightning again? MALE VOICE: Yeah. FEMALE VOICE: Oh, I'm sorry but I don't think we can afford another new pair of glasses, not for at least a month. MALE VOICE: I hope the kids at school don't make fun of my glasses. FEMALE VOICE: I hope not too but by now they should be used to it. Why don't you go ahead and get dressed and come on down and you can eat your bowl of cereal and watch The Lone Ranger. MALE VOICE: Thank you, Mom. MALE VOICE: Mom, have you seen my glasses? Ow. Oh, Thunder, not again. Awh. Awh. Awh. OOO, ah. Morning, - - . FEMALE VOICE: Morning. MALE VOICE: Did you get your report done last night? FEMALE VOICE: - - project. Just got to finish it. MALE VOICE: Good. I've got a big presentation at work today. It's going to be horrible. FEMALE VOICE: What are you drinking? MALE VOICE: Orange juice? FEMALE VOICE: It's blue. MALE VOICE: Oh, no. Mom left the groceries out and I forgot about that. Cereal. Maybe that'll make me feel better. FEMALE VOICE: Why are you eating my art project? MALE VOICE: I thought it was bacon, I'm sorry. I can't see. These contacts are blurry, they're hurting me. Thunder ate my glasses again. FEMALE VOICE: John, it's 2010. Why don't you look into laser surgery? MALE VOICE: I don't know - - laser surgery. I don't think I need it. FEMALE VOICE: - - please. Maybe you should. Before you - - .