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“Thumbs up” for Brianna Himschoot – One Day After LASIK


Just one day after her LASIK surgery at Dishler LASIK Institute, Brianna can see so much improvement in her vision. Brianna is very happy with the result and would highly recommend Dr. Dishler to anyone.

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FEMALE VOICE: What's your name? MS. BRIANNA HIMSCHOOT: My name's Brianna. FEMALE VOICE: And what happened yesterday? MS. HIMSCHOOT: Um‚ I got LASIK surgery here at Dishler LASIK. Um‚ and it went so well and I'm so pleased. I was basically a negative twelve‚ if anybody knows what that means‚ but now I can almost see 20/20. I can see 20/20 in one eye and almost 20/25 in the other so that's a huge improvement. I was actually able to drive‚ too. So that was pretty awesome. FEMALE VOICE: What did you notice the difference in your vision? MS. HIMSCHOOT: Actually‚ right whether you get off the table‚ you notice that you can see better. It's just cloudy. It's a little distorted‚ but you know you're going to be able to see shortly‚ so that - - I noticed when I woke up after all the drugs wore off that I could see almost perfect which was really cool. FEMALE VOICE: And how'd you hear about it. MS. HIMSCHOOT: My mom was watching Martino TV and I guess you guys offer the 24 months‚ no interest‚ so she basically forced me into it and it was wonderful. I'm glad I did. FEMALE VOICE: Wow. And how are you satisfied with the people here at Dr. Dishler's‚ did we treat you okay? MS. HIMSCHOOT: Basically as you walk in‚ everybody's so friendly. As soon as you get closer to the surgery‚ you basically are‚ like‚ basically first class service. You get a little recline in the recliners back there and everybody is just waiting on your hand and foot. So it was just really awesome. FEMALE VOICE: And would you recommend any of your friends did Dr. Dishler? MS. HIMSCHOOT: Um‚ I would recommend everybody to come here especially if you really can't see. Because I really didn't know if I would be able to see 20/20, and now that I can‚ I know that it's everybody else could possibly have that too‚ so. FEMALE VOICE: Thumbs up or down? MS. HIMSCHOOT: Very good. FEMALE VOICE: Okay.