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LASIK for Professionals, Airline Pilot


For many occupations, having good vision is extremely important. In this clip, our patient, an airline pilot, talks about her LASIK experience and how LASIK has changed her life.

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MALE VOICE: What do you do for a living? FEMALE VOICE: I’m an airline pilot flying mostly international routes up to 14.5 hours at a time. Sometimes as little as an hour and a half at a time. MALE VOICE: How many years have you been an airline pilot? FEMALE VOICE: I’ve been an airline pilot since--let me start that one over again. How long? 15 years. I’ve been an airline pilot for 15 years. Okay, I’ll start that one again. MALE VOICE: Cut. (laughter) MALE VOICE: And how long have you been wearing glasses? FEMALE VOICE: I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 13 years old, in and out of contacts for about 10 years. And then, once I started flying full-time for my job, the dryness was too much for contacts. So I had to go back to glasses full-time. Ever since I was a brand new pilot, I’ve had a restriction on a medical certificate to be able to be a commercial airline pilot. And with that restriction, it specifically said that I needed corrective lenses at all times when I was flying an airplane. And now, I won’t have to do that. I’ll wear my regular sunglasses to protect my eyes in the sunlight. And that will be all. I’ll be able to see my instrumentation without glasses, without distortion, and with much more comfort. When doing my research for LASIK vision, one of my primary concerns was maintaining my night vision, as well as my day vision. My career 100 percent depends on my vision. If it is all compromised in either day or night, it could be the end of my career. So I took the choice extremely seriously. The night vision Dr. Dishler assured me would not be compromised due to the new laser technology that has been developed recently, which does not involve a cutting with a blade whatsoever. So I was assured. And I’m very happy with the results that my night vision has been maintained since it is extremely important in what I do in my personal life, as well as my professional life. Within a minute after I walked out of the surgery room, I was able to see a clock on the wall that I would have needed glasses for prior to the surgery. Throughout that day, I was improving continuously with every hour. With a full night’s sleep, where I rested my eyes as directed by the office, I was able to see 20/20 vision. 20/20, I couldn’t believe it. LASIK surgery has freed me in almost every recreational activity I could possibly imagine. I can go swimming with my children without having to worry about wearing sunglasses, which were corrective. I can go hiking, going in and out of shadows without having to transfer between my glasses and my sunglasses. I can snorkel without using corrective lenses. I can ski without trying to find some horrible mask that or goggles that go over my glasses, that don’t cover my entire nostrils. MALE VOICE: Cut. How many fingers am I holding?