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Wavefront LASIK – The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q System

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q laser system, available at the Dishler Laser Institute, is a wavefront-optimized excimer laser array. With the Eye-Q system, Dr. Jon Dishler can perform a quicker, safer, and more comfortable LASIK procedure than is possible with the less advanced equipment used by many competing surgeons. Wavefront LASIK – the standard at our practice located near Denver, Aurora, and Englewood, Colorado – gives our patients the best opportunity to achieve truly outstanding vision.

About Wavefront LASIK

Each individual cornea is different, with a totally unique contour. Unlike conventional laser vision correction, wavefront LASIK is a customizable procedure that can be adapted to correct subtle flaws and irregularities in the surface of the cornea.

The first step in wavefront LASIK is to analyze the surface of the cornea. At the Dishler Laser Institute, we use the Zywave Orbscan™ II diagnostic imaging system to create a three-dimensional map of the cornea. Once the cornea has been mapped, we use the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q laser system, which was specifically developed for extremely precise wavefront LASIK procedures, to reshape the cornea. The Eye-Q laser is controlled by a computer for extreme accuracy, leading to fewer post-surgical complications and better results.

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PerfectPulse Technology™

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q wavefront LASIK system incorporates PerfectPulse Technology&trade. The system tracks eye movement at a rate of hundreds of times per second while sophisticated energy controls intelligently adjust the power of the laser beam, maintaining a perfectly attuned treatment system throughout the procedure. The result is quicker, safer, and more accurate treatment than ever before.

Clearer, Sharper Vision

Ultimately, the value of wavefront LASIK lies in the procedure’s ability to produce dramatic results. In clinical testing, almost every patient reports that their vision without glasses after wavefront LASIK was better than it had been with glasses prior to treatment. The majority of patients achieved 20/16 vision or better. In particular, patients who choose wavefront LASIK have the advantage of better vision in demanding conditions, such as bright light and nighttime driving.

Wavefront LASIK with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q laser system is truly state of the art in the field of laser vision correction. With an outstanding safety record and extremely low incidence of serious complications, this procedure is an excellent option for most patients who are eligible for LASIK.

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With low prices and superior treatment, our Denver, Englewood, and Aurora, Colorado area patients enjoy an outstanding wavefront LASIK value. To take advantage of the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q excimer laser system, contact our laser eye surgery practice today and schedule an initial consultation.

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